Book: The Virtual Haus, issues 2 & 3

The Virtual Haus’ two new issues were a delivery on a promise to our subscribers that we’d had for nearly a year - showcasing extensive interviews with four different notable creators in the horror and vaporwave scenes. Issue 2 was meant for Spring of 2020, while Issue 3 covers Fall & Halloween of 2020.

Issue 2 & 3 photography is nearly all by me, squeezed into two 40 page issues, as well as the contributions of guest writers Sara Goodman (contributing the poem Black Market Memory) and Roman Fruehan (contributing an article covering the films of Lucio Fulci) and public domain woodcut art.

Issue 2 involves interviews with Datagirl and Vaperror, an overview of the live Vaporwave music scene, circa Electronicon 2, and the poem Black Market Memory. 

Issue 3 features interviews with Jessica Harvey and Airdorf, an overview of the independent horror game scene, and a deep dive on the films of Lucio Fulci.