Brand Identity: Echobind Colorado Retreat Merch

One of my first assignments at Echobind was preparing merchandise for a possible company retreat to Colorado - part of Echobind’s culture is yearly retreats to bond as a company, since the agency is all remote.

Echobind’s mascot is an astronaut, so this was a way of blending together the company fascination with space travel with western imagery.

Cream longsleeve concept - retreat year on one sleeve, location on the other. Cowboy logo on the front, illustration on the back. Crosses up and down the arms mimicking old western hankerchiefs and bandanas.

Bandanas incorporating the (at the time) yet-to-be-unveiled new branding patterns. Background is the topographical map for ranch where the retreat was planned to happen. 

Unfortunately, these concepts have remained just concepts since the perils of COVID have prohibited substantial travel, but perhaps they’ll find their way onto merchandise somewhere down the line.