Brand Identity: Filterface pitchdeck

I was approached by the Los Angeles production company, Okay Fine, who were in need of a graphic designer to put together a pitchdeck for them, based on a preexisting pitch - essentially giving it a facelift from scratch. The premise of the show revolves around lampooning the makeup/beauty industry, which I found intriguing as an aesthetic I haven’t necessarily worked in before.

To make matters more interesting, the show has a scifi element, and it hadn’t been cast or had any test-footage prepared, so creating the presentation leant heavily on mockups and stock imagery to help sell the aesthetic and ideas behind the show.

For branding, touchpoints included brands like Glossier, Sunnies Face, One/Size, Fenty Beauty, and Anastasia Bevery Hills - the team requested a high gloss, soft aesthetic that would be fitting for a social media campaign on a platform like Instagram.

Illustrations were provided by the team, while photoillustrations of models (seen above and below) were created by me from stock imagery. Copy came directly from Okay Fine.