Brand Projects: Various Clients

Virtually Corrupt

Virtually Corrupt is a podcast by Noah Graham, who interviews game developers and designers. I was tasked with creating a visual identity for use across social media, which meant creating a logo that would be friendly for banners, avatars, and putting on merch.

Part of this was also creating backgrounds for potential videos, and establishing a vibrant but friendly color palette as part of the design brief. As a bonus, I animated the logo and created both flat and gradient passes of the logo.

Album Art: A Farewell To Arms - FL XL

Album art for DMT Tapes FL’s  700th release. Photo is a 35mm photo taken by me at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA.

Motion Design: Looping Warning Patterns

In attempting to expand my horizons as a visual designer and video artist, picking up After Effects and associated animation software seems like a natural step to make. This was learning to create a perfectly looping gif, using multiple patterns.