Branding: Virtualitics promotional materials

For three years, I worked at Virtualitics as a designer, doing work on the application, but also any social media and advertising work we needed for client-facing presentations. As the company is a startup, it gave me the opportunity to dip my fingers into a lot of different creative avenues of expression and to learn how to better create graphic design for large, non-niche audiences.

A promo screenshot of the current product, meant for use on the Oculus and Vive storefronts.
A section of the initial pitch deck showcasing Virtualitics’ visual identity circa 2016-2017, which I was almost entirely responsible for developing outside of the logo.

A progression of designing slides for Virtualitics, incorporating the refreshed logo and color scheme in new, unobtrusive ways - as well as the location of the company being in Pasadena, CA.

An advertisement meant for sharing over social media to reflect the recent release of Virtualitics on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.