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midnight ultra
id - virtually corrupt
id - forward instinct
package - midnight ultra cass.
package - daemon doc
doc - daemon
photo - 35mm film

daniel pomidor is a game developer, graphic designer, and general jack-of-all-trades with a background in unity for AR/VR



daniel pomidor's role on projects is an ever-switching series of hats - varying from game designer, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, to motion graphics artist - a juggling of skills that betray a constant curiousity about how things work, and a desire to learn.

he's best known and recognized for his role in forming and leading forward instinct, a small game company that made the pioneering daemon and the scrappy midnight ultra, both of which he directed, designed, and programmed.

currently living and working in los angeles, california. he graduated from savannah college of art and design in 2016 with a bfa in interactive design/game development.