Keepsake County

Keepsake County is a procedurally generated stealth game, with a free demo available on Steam and currently in public beta on Each level is generated from a tileset of different houses, with dynamic AI and immersive-sim mechanics that allow the players to determine their own paths through maps.

Houses use a special shader that allows us to map a color palette onto them, which are originally black-and-white. This methodology is heavily, heavily inspired by my work with Risography to create vibrant environments for every new house.

Devlog is here with the latest updates and changes.

Updates for the game generally come every 1-3 weeks. The Neighbors has been publicly playable since the end of March 2022.

  • Animation and character design by Robert Matsudaira, Pidgeon Lincecum, and Stephen Bond.
  • 2D & Concept art by Hayden Rice
  • Sound Design by Kamron Shushtar
  • Music by Gage Horne
  • AI Design by Ethan Mullett
  • ...and Project Management, Design, Programming, and 3D Art by Daniel Pomidor