Midnight Taco

Midnight Taco is another game jam game - this time made in only a week for 7 Day FPS Jam. Made as a pseudo-prequel for Midnight Ultra, this was an exploration of taking Keepsake County’s procedural systems and applying them to making a level entirely from scratch, with mostly good results. The game has two weapons, a blocking mechanic, a character switching mechanic, and 7 different unique enemies.

Also unique to this adventure - the AI uses the same “generate on runtime” model that Keepsake County does, and you have a second playable character that, when not controlled by you, functions as a friendly AI that fights enemies with you. Offmesh links were also added, so AI can chase after you over platforming segments and up ladders.

Skyboxes need a bit of work, but feature a very interesting fake-depth effect to make every room feel much larger than they truly are.

The logo, a play on the “staircase to nowhere” iconography.

As it was only made in 7 days of hard work coding and making art, it needs a bit of sprucing up.

Unlike other Forward Instinct titles, this was entirely developed, designed, illustrated, written, and scored by me.

Postmortem in progress.

Some behind the scenes concept art and screenshots