Modeling: Team Fortress 2 Workshop

  • Concepted all pieces
  • Modeled all pieces with LODs at less than 1300 tris
  • Textured all pieces at 512 x 512 with separate paint channels and team coloring
  • Rigged, packaged, and imported all pieces into game
A collection of some of my self-initiated Team Fortress 2 Workshop items. All of these were game-ready and submitted to the Steam workshop, working in the guidelines set by Valve for polycount, LODs, and texture sizes. All were created using Blender and hand-painted Photoshop textures.

The Bone Banjo

A ribcage, elephant femur, and jawbone made into a gruesome guitar for 2016's Halloween event for the Pyro class as a
replacement for his gas tank.

The Workman's Sunblock

A simple backwards cap for the Engineer class, meant to match the color palette of his overalls and give a worn, paint splattered look. It occurred to me that, despite the character wearing his trademark hard-hat backwards, most of his hats were always forward-facing. This was my attempt at remedying that.

First Allogeneic Bank of Stuttgart

A literal "organ bank" for the Medic class, made to attach to his backpack. The jar also glows in the dark - meant to be filled with intestines, a liver, and a brain. The device from the top of the jar is meant to directly resemble the Medic's uber technology from the Meet the Medic trailer. Made for the 2013 Halloween event.

Fright Vision Goggles & Polter-Pack

A set of cosmetics for all classes that used self-illumination to create a glow-in-the-dark effect. Meant as a tribute to the classic Ghostbusters franchise, with a retro-future TF2 twist. Made for the 2013 Halloween event.

The Eldritch Abomination

A tongue-in-cheek nod to the paper bag cosmetic I was inspired by (the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask), which was apparently so horrifying to look at that the mind imagined it as a paper bag. In this particular case I was experimenting with creating a moldy, beaten-up cardboard look with a simplistic, hand-drawn monster face. Made for the 2013 Halloween event.