Packaging: Midnight Ultra collateral


  • Contacted record labels
  • Created all elements of packaging for Midnight Ultra soundtrack
  • Created promotional video advertising the soundtrack on behalf of us and Lost Angles


Following the release of Midnight Ultra on PC, as well as the Devil's Path DLC, we compiled together a physical soundtrack release and sent demos off to various labels, with Lost Angles eventually picking us up to be published on cassette format.

As the main contact for the record label and the team's Art Director, I designed a front cover, alternate cover, and cassette labels for each side of the tape. Below are mockups based on the completed designs. Notably, the alternate sides to the cassette tape contain the soundtrack for the main game and the DLC, respectively, which is why their color schemes alternate.

Side A (Desert Chevy Nova) contains the original soundtrack, while Side B (Winter Village Motorcycle) contains the Devil's Path DLC soundtrack.

Cassette covers. Adapted from the square cover, I composed the square cover with the intention of being friendly to a vertical crop for the cassette release. The cassette-exclusive alternate cover that's meant to be printed on the inside sleeve of the tape's J-Card was taken from a glitchy screenshot from the first trailer. Something that's always enjoyable about doing design for Midnight Ultra is walking the fine line between edgy-cool and so-edgy-that-it's-corny. The Twin Peaks quote is taken directly from the Rock, Paper, Shotgun review.

Midnight Ultra Artbook Zine

As an incentive for people to sign up for Forward Instinct’s email newsletter, we compiled an artbook that details the making-of Midnight Ultra over the course of 36 pages of concept art, level design, and photography. I had the foresight to keep it in an easily printed PDF format, and when the time came, we were able to offer it as a physical artbook on our store. The pages use the familiar pink and yellow color palette for the game, to keep a unified aesthetic across otherwise disparate visual content.