Panchin is Frustrated

Panchin is Frustrated is an “Idle Game” made for PIGSquad’s Summer Slow Jams in 2023. Made for playing in the background while doing other things. For the optimal experience, put the game on a second monitor while you work or browse. Players can also connect to their Twitch account to suggest things for Panchin to do during the day, and thus collect more tears.

You are the all-seeing observer of a pair of roommates, Panchin and Julem. Panchin is an artist struggling with creative block, and thus spends most of their time pacing around the room, or staying distracted.

Players click to collect Panchin's Tears of Frustration. The amount of Tears collected during the day affects Panchin's dreams at night. Players hang out with Panchin during the day, and get to walk through their surreal dreams at night. Much of the game is based around my own dreams, and my general frustrations with overwork and being cooped up indoors working on projects.

Made in roughly 30 hours, with music, art, worlds, and code all by me.