Product Design: Virtualitics Drawing Tools

For three years, I worked at Virtualitics’ as the resident designer/developer. While my work meant doing a lot of front end UI integration in Unity, it also gave me avenues for exploring new kinds of data visualization and methods of interaction in Virtual Reality - often directly translating into additions to the application based on my designs.

Drawing Tools

Working in VR and sharing datasets becomes difficult largely because of the lack of notation - creating drawing tools can remedy that by allowing a user to save notes within a file, drawing around plots and data for later perusal. Here I programmed and mocked up using the tool in VR as an illustration for what it would look like.

Along with that, I mocked up what UI would look like based on our UI style, what the models would look like when the tool is being used, and condensed it all into a single slide for pitching to the team quickly and easily how the tool is to be implemented.