Web Design: Echobind Agency Site

In 2021, Echobind was preparing to launch a new version of the website and additional rebranding concepts created by an independent design agency. Following meetings with the team, we iterated on their concepts to build a new website ourselves, using Webflow. I was one of the primary designers on the site, and the primary handler of implementation through Webflow.

This entailed not only the updating of the site into Webflow, but the addition of migrating all our posts off of Medium and onto our own domain through use of Webflow CMS.

Echobind Website

Hompage uses a 35mm photograph of El Matador State Park.

Designing the site took the better part of 2 or 3 months, since it was knocked back and forth between projects and to upper level management, while also being kept under tight wraps from showing the rest of the team in order to avoid spoiling the surprise.

Below, our initial stab at a services page using the new identity assets, then iterating upon it twice. The last showcases our individual branches, capabilities, and partners. Principally designed by me, feedback from the design team.

Redesigning the homepage. Far left, the redesign by Drawn. Middle, an initial iteration. Right, an early version of the current homepage layout. Collaboration between all members of the design team.

For Careers, we wanted to move off a total reliance on Workable as a new prospect’s first impression of us. Accordingly, I mocked a careers page per advice from the Operations department, and created several possible versions of the cards we’d use for denoting each of the roles.